Easy Migration

Easy Migration 1.0

Easy Migration transfers your old files to the new pc in a few simple steps
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hen you buy a new computer, transferring all of the files, photos, videos and settings from your old PC can be a time-consuming hassle. It doesn’t have to be: Samsung Easy Migration helps make it quick and easy.

With its simple, point-and-click process, Easy Migration collects your documents, photos, music and even Web browser favorites and transfers them to the appropriate folders on your new PC. When it’s done, you’ll find everything in the same place it was on your old computer. Simply specify the types of files you want to move, and Easy Migration does the rest.

What’s more, Easy Migration quickly transfers your selected key settings from your old PC to your new Samsung laptop along with your files. You won’t have to waste time reconfiguring icons, adding words to custom dictionaries, changing default fonts and tweaking other settings after you upgrade.

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